Apple's iOS 11 To Feature 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' Mode

Apple showed off iOS 11 on Monday at its Worldwide Developer Conference keynote and the new operating system is loaded with features that'll be great to try out when it ships this fall. And Apple will also provide a "lane guidance" view when you take the wheel of a auto. This new integration won't replace the dedicated OneDrive iOS app, which already supports many iOS capabilities such as the Share extension, OneDrive for iMessage as well as Apple Pencil and split-screen support on iPads. For those wondering what happens to passengers, there is a feature - and a chance for the driver to bypass the measure - to select "I'm Not Driving". One of them was the unveiling of HomePod, a smart speaker integrated with Siri and aimed at home automation market. The new "while driving" function adds to this by setting the iPhone's screen to black and enabling an automatic reply to texts when the phone senses it's in a moving vehicle.

In the video below we get to see some of the new features in iOS 11, the video features the iOS 11 beta 1, so there will be some changes before the final release of the software. Per a recent report from eMarketer, Echo is the most popular voice-controlled speaker so far and is expected to maintain its supremacy in 2017. Not to mention that you'll need a new $159 Smart Keyboard to go with the 10.5 incher, and since iOS 11 will be available to all iPad Pros, you'll basically be getting a larger tablet with some improvements here and there.

What's really cool about the new feature is that after you stop recording, you can make edits and annotations to your recording.

Apple's App Store follows the design of Apple Music, and it's hard to miss the similarities between the two apps.

Whilst the devices will still work when iOS 11 comes out, they will not be able to run the latest apps and will not get security updates to make the phone hacker-proof. It'll look up information for you, control your HomeKit accessories, and access Apple Music recommendations. Beyond the iPhone, Apple says iOS 11 is the biggest software release ever for the iPad. Besides these, the new iPad Pro will also come with a 12 megapixel rear and 7-megapixel front cam. The posting seems, by all accounts, to be an app redesigned first-party applications that you simply want to erase, one thing Apple included support for a year ago in iOS 10.