Game 3 needs to the Cavs' game of the year

This feels all too familiar.

CLEVELAND- The Cavaliers are down 2-0 in the NBA Finals to the Warriors, but they are hoping to turn things around on their home court. In the first two games of these Finals, they've beaten the Cavaliers by an average of 20.5 points and have led for 86 of 96 minutes.

The NBA Finals continue Wednesday as the series moves to Cleveland. If LeBron and company can't keep the Warriors from sweeping through the playoffs, what chance does any other team in the future have?

So versatile with his length and ability to alter shots, he even played center during Sunday's Game 2 when Draymond Green dealt with foul trouble in the 132-113 victory. "And that's probably a sense of complacency". He's special. But both of those guys are special. They're a reminder that the mighty Warriors are fine being goobers. If you are a student of the game like James, you study the reality - a point he acknowledged after Game 1 when he simply said the difference was Durant.

"It's the NBA Finals".

"Defensively, now he has to do a lot more", Cavs coach Tyronn Lue explained when asked to assess Irving so far.

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If the Warriors can beat the Cavs at Quicken Loans Arena, the series is all but over.

When the Warriors added Durant, JaVale McGee, Zaza Pachulia and David West to a roster that blew a 3-1 Finals lead to James and fell short of a repeat past year, many wondered if they would have enough in the middle to defend the rim.

Durant has spent nearly exactly eleven months hearing that he's a front-running bandwagon hopper, and that even still, he really only moved from one team LeBron James owns to another. In Game 4 after Green fell to the floor, James stepped over him.

The Cavaliers might like to believe they're an uptempo team, but a brief check of the season's statistics tell a different story.

"That's a Coach Lue question, not a my question", James said. "They're just kind of boneheaded plays that you are just like, 'Oh, man, we can be better.' Whether they're speeding us up or whether they're getting in our chest or challenging us, we need to hit back. So we just have to be mentally prepared to withstand the runs that they make at us or the small adjustments they make and be able to counter it". They've been up before. If somebody is struggling, they can just find someone else with their precision ball movement.

"We want 15-0", said Kerr, looking well after having missed much of these playoffs with health issues.

"For me, like I said, no matter win, lose, or draw, if you give everything you got to the game and you prepare yourself mentally, physically, you do your job, then there's nothing to be afraid of the moment for, there's nothing to be disappointed about the game or how the outcome is", James said.