Police name two London attackers

  • Police name two London attackers

Police name two London attackers

Butt, along with two others, are responsible for at least seven deaths after ramming a van into civilians atop London Bridge before embarking on a brutal stabbing spree.

The two men, along with a third suspect, were shot dead by United Kingdom police at the scene of the attack.

She said police have put additional security measures in place to protect the public and provide reassurance, including additional security measures at a number of bridges in London.

According to a statement by the Metropolitan Police, Khuram Shazad Butt, was a Pakistani born British citizen, while Rachid Redouane was of Moroccan and Libyan descent. Both were from Barking, London where police arrested 12 people following the attacks. Photo by Reuters/Hannah McKay. He was known to police and MI5, but there was no intelligence that suggested an attack was being planned.

It is also reported that Butt was reported to the police as a potential danger two years ago.

Police said six women and four men arrested after the attack were still being questioned. Family members told Australian media an attacker grabbed her head from behind before slashing her throat. "He would always bring his kid out into the lobby".

At the time of his Jihadi mission, Butt a devout Arsenal football fan worked for KFC and Transport for London. One of the dead attackers has been pictured wearing an Arsenal shirt.

The ringleader, Ex-KFC and London Tube worker Butt, was quizzed by cops over his twisted views before he was gunned down along with his two accomplices following the depraved assault on Saturday night.

"As an individual he was a cool, calm guy".

Police are trying to learn more about them and if they were assisted by anyone else. "He heard tires screeching and he looked back, and he just saw the mayhem going on and the van hitting people", his brother, Mark Ferguson told CBC News. The men mowed down pedestrians using a vehicle, and then began attacking them with knives.

May, under fire because of three major attacks in Britain in the last three months, said Corbyn wasn't fit to safeguard Britain's security at a time of heightened threat. It later emerged that Khayre, who was shot and killed by police, was acquitted of plotting a suicide attack in 2009.

"As a proud and patriotic British Muslim I say this: you do not commit these disgusting acts in my name", he said.

Police officers stand outside a property which was raided in Newham, east London, after the attacks.

Of the 48 injured, 36 people remain in hospital, 21 of whom are critical.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joined others, including David Cameron's former strategy chief Steve Hilton, in calling for May to resign or be voted out over her record on security.

"We in this country have faced a terrorist threat throughout my life - it changed and morphed and we will change and adapt to what appears to be a new reality for us", she said.

The Met said that family liaison officers had been deployed to support the families of the victims killed in Saturday's attack. The IRA ran a 30-year armed campaign against British rule in Northern Ireland. She lived this belief working in a shelter for the homeless until she moved to Europe to be with her fiancé. "You will not win", Mayor Sadiq Khan said to applause during a vigil on Monday.

ISIS (also known as the Islamic State, ISIL, and Daesh) claimed responsibility for the attacks.