Sony: Backwards compatibility isn't used that much

His reason? He believes that people don't want to play games that look 'ancient'. With Sony apparently backing out of the handheld gaming market, the company is now focusing on the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation VR. The new console provides a big graphical boost, provided you have an ultra-HD 4K TV.

Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One allow users to connect to the internet and the apps offered by their manufacturers are simply wonderful and have no significant difference. It's something that's never really been done.

There is no scarcity of special editions for any console of any generation.

Microsoft's Xbox One was meant to be an ambitious multimedia box (with gaming just one of its many components).

It's an idea that's won some cautious approval from gamers and critics. Rumors indicate the PlayStation 5 will be the most powerful video gaming console in the world.

"That's super important for us", he said. Layden goes on to tease some major Japanese game reveals for E3 2017, igniting hope for the fabled Bloodborne 2.

Both PS4 Gold and Silver will join the rest of slim PS4 models now available, including the classic Jet Black, and the recently released Glacier White. "PS4 Pro's price will drop if Xbox Scorpio is $399".

Sony also said that it'll offer "additional discounts on software and accessories" during the sale window although again, details are scant at this time.

Sony has yet to announce the new PS4 Gold, Dual Shock 4 Controller or the storage capacity f the console.

PlayStation wants to bring back the glory years of powerhouse Japanese games development, and PS4 players will begin to benefit from this as early as E3 2017 next week. Sony seems to be looking to the future, not the past.

Microsoft have also been backed to not set the Xbox Scorpio price for over the $500 mark. Even with the feature home to several games on my Xbox One, backwards compatibility is something that I barely ever make use of.

"Compared to the U.S., over there you have a lot more game developers just because of the population".

Elsewhere in the interview, Sony announced that forty percent of PlayStation 4 Pro sales are from consumers upgrading from the standard model. Right now, there are only about two dozen Xbox Play Anywhere titles, mostly published by Microsoft itself.