Apple Updates iOS With 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' Mode

We can agree that most of you have expected an edge-to-edge display like on the upcoming iPhone 8, but we have to mention that the bezels became smaller, which is always an improvement. The iOS 11 also brings HEVC for video recording at high quality while consuming less space.

Images captured from an iPhone can be looped impeccably due to its computer vision integrated with its camera; hence, making Boomerang animation more sensible. The feature will be available when the mobile operating system is released. Most importantly you can view all notifications listed in the same window. The automated reply will then send a notification to anyone who texts you during your drive to say "I'll see your message when I get where I'm going", which takes the urge to reply immediately off your mind.

Originally spotted by Cydia Geeks, when enabled, the Offload Unused Apps feature will remove apps that you never use, while keeping their documents and data on your device.

What's new on the iPad? Users can drag and drop any file format. As Live Photos were already supported within the Photos app, it doesn't come as a surprise that animated GIF support has also been added but it surely is a much needed addition.

The iOS 11 update will reportedly include a augmented reality feature for the first time, and voice assistant Siri has been upgraded to allow users to choose from a male or female person, The Guardian reported. After upgrading the Mobike app on their mobile phones to the latest iOS 5.0 version, domestic users can make deposits and top up their Mobike accounts with Apply Pay in-app.

If you're already set up with Apple Pay you will be able to pay your friends by either asking Siri to do it for you, or sending them a message.

The interface looks astonishingly similar to that of Apple News. It has a redesigned Podcasts app, redesigned app drawer in iMessage, more customisation in Control Center, enhanced Apple Music and Apple News and improved password management. The lawsuit said that despite filing a patent in 2014 on a safety feature to block the use of FaceTime by drivers, Apple had failed to implement it.