New iMac Pro is Apple's most powerful ever

That ring on the Echo can also be twisted, to adjust volume levels. These devices will only keep the most recent messages in local storage. Do you plan to purchase one? The Home also features a mute button, so you can deactivate voice control when desired - something you can also do with the Echo.

Apple's saving grace is that Siri performed better than Amazon's Alexa, found on the Echo, which managed to answer only 20 per cent of questions.

Apple's HomePod comes with seven tweeters arrayed inside the cylindrical handy speakers.

The HomePod will use its internal microphones to pick up voice commands and uses the same processor chip as the iPhone to pump out "spatially aware" sound, Apple said. It unveiled the Apple Watch in September 2014."Though Apple appears to be playing catch up with Amazon and Google, the primary casualty here may be Sonos".

If you haven't heard about Amazon's Alexa, then you must live in a hole in the ground.

Siri will begin to understand in greater detail how you're using your phone during the day, and it will use some of that knowledge to make smarter decisions and suggestions for you. It will also serve as a home automation assistant for turning on lights and providing information about traffic, weather, and stocks. It also combats the competitive threat from Google's and Amazon's connected speakers: Those don't support Apple services like Apple Music, which brings in $10 in revenue per user each month.

The HomePod, a wireless speaker for the home that allows users to ask Apple's voice assistant Siri to play music and ask questions, will retail for US$349 when it is released in December in the United Kingdom, the U.S. and Australia.

We're pretty sure that this will all change come 2018, after users demand more functionality.

Apple also revealed that its Watch will now be able to connect wirelessly with other devices, specifically mentioning "glucose monitoring" as one possible application - a likely nod to speculation earlier this year that Apple had been developing a glucose monitoring device that would sync with the Apple Watch. If not, grabbing an Echo Dot and a Bose may be a more flexible and affordable solution. Again, this is a cheaper option than Apple's solution. That means no support for Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, Prime Music, etc. Will Spotify or your stored music or radio work?

Unlike those other smart speakers, Apple is positioning the HomePod primarily as a way to listen to and discover new songs and artists.