Robin Wright And Connie Nielsen Will Be In JUSTICE LEAGUE

In perhaps the ultimate example of a woman doing the same job as a man but, figuratively, "backwards, and in heels", Gadot wielded Wonder Woman's weapons while wearing a skimpy outfit and platform boots, and she did so in re-shoots while five months pregnant with her second child.

The superhero genre of film is nothing new. The mere fact that this is a superhero blockbuster about a woman is significant, especially given that the boys' club at Marvel hasn't gotten around to doing one of those after nearly a decade (and several years' head start on DC).

It is June and the summer Blockbuster season is in full force with good escapist fare like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales and Wonder Woman. But there has always been a gap in the superhero film cosmos.

It's a bit weird that it's taken this long to put a female superhero center stage - bearing in mind that previous year women made up 51% of the global cinema audience in an industry worth $36billion.

Gal Gadot talked with Variety on the blue carpet premiere of Wonder Woman about the importance of Diana.

It only took over half a century, but after numerous comics, cartoons and TV shows, we finally received a Wonder Woman feature film. The character's standalone follows the Amazon princess as she truly embraces her lifelong desire to be a hero. With Wonder Woman becoming their first hit in this series, it's safe to say that movie will have a huge influence moving forward.

Both of Wonder Woman's DCEU spots have been vastly different in tone and action. However, it seems that we did get one extra scene during the reshoots, with Jenkins telling THR that she chose to add a single sequence during Diana's march towards the front lines. (Hollywood does love its franchises, after all.) But if waiting for Wonder Woman II feels like a long way off, get this: you'll be returning to the island of Themyscira sooner than you think.

In addition to Gadot, Pine is a total charmer as the confused spy who winds up romancing a goddess, a love story handled in a way that qualifies as surprisingly convincing and adorable. Imagine the impact this film and the exemplification of its character will have on impressionable and idealistic little girls around the world.

Gadot, who performs her own stunts, has attracted fans with a public image that empowers women. The manner in which she portrays the character's strength and how this strength is subtly tempered with emotion and wonder, no pun intended, is flawless and authentic.