IPhone to add new feature that will stop texting while driving

You will be able to disable the feature if you do not want it and you can also configure it to allow certain calls or text messages through. To help address the problem in the upcoming iOS 11, Apple has introduced a few new tools for managing user data, including the option to automatically delete the apps you never use. As the developer preview of iOS 11 is now available some user-friendly changes have now come to light.

Before you go any further, you need to ensure that your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is compatible with iOS 11. In recent years Apple added Live Photos and one year even gave us Siri. The news here is the calendar widget (or presumably any other one) being popped out from the right side of the screen.

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Furthermore, the iOS 11 made a major facelift in the Control Center.

Have you ever wanted to screenshot someone's Snapchat or Instagram Story without notifying them? That's one of the big reasons why space is such a precious resource on an iOS device.

"It's all about keeping your eyes on the road", Federighi said. However, the Cupertino firm is now starting to make improvements with its digital assistant. Here are 10 of the best updates of iOS 11.

If you are now using the iOS 11 beta, you can find the Offload Unused Apps feature by opening the Settings app, and tapping on General.

Most states ban cellphone use by new drivers, but only 14 have rules against all drivers using hand-held devices.

Working out whether you are moving in a vehicle is said to be achieved using a combination of Bluetooth and WiFi although the specifics are now unclear.

With iOS 11, Apple has not left any stone unturned it seems! You'll still probably be able to get in on at least some of the fun - but for the best AR experience, you're going to need the newest, most powerful processor available. What's more? You can even customise it to add your favourite apps. The app compatibility section will appear. iOS 11 is only compatible with devices which incorporated the A7 chip and higher. For now, Android users don't have to worry, as there are no announcements about this in Google Play store but it is possible that the same scenario waits for them as well.