G7 talks end with gap between USA, other states

Before his departure, Pruitt’s counterparts from Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Japan and Italy expressed their disappointment at President Donald Trump’s recent decision to pull the USA out of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

However, Canada’s environment minister, Catherine McKenna, said the meeting did the opposite. Dismantling US climate policy “will be Pruitt [‘s] signature issue in the administration”, David Victor, a professor of global policy and strategy at UC San Diego, told BuzzFeed News.

Rifts between the United States and its leading industrial allies over climate change deepened on Monday when Washington refused to subscribe fully to a Group of Seven statement on the environment.

Of course, to “decarbonize” what we eat, the price of beef – as well as other “bad” foods – must necessarily skyrocket, and the industries linked to these foods, many of which operate throughout the Plains states, will need to scale back their operations and endure numerous new regulations and government requirements.

Meanwhile, the USA position was clarified in a footnote.

“We the United States of America continue to demonstrate through action, having reduced our Carbon dioxide footprint as demonstrated by achieving pre-1994 Carbon dioxide levels domestically”, the footnote read.

United Nations executive director for the environment Erik Solheim, present at the morning sessions, said G7 countries, excluding the United States were absolutely committed to move ahead with climate action whatever happened in the White House.

Despite leaving early, Pruitt and his team were confronted on climate issues in bilateral meetings, keynote speeches, and conference discussions.

Scott Pruitt’s many distortions and falsehoods about the Paris agreement, the reality of the climate threat, and the economic and employment benefits of the clean energy revolution have been sharply rejected by the other G7 environment ministers”. “Everything else for us is excluded”, he said.

“The momentum around the Paris agreement is irreversible”, McKenna said.

While not ideal, the Paris Accord was an important step in addressing the world’s growing carbon emissions.

Italy holds the G7 presidency for 2017.

In his remarks at the close of the talks, Minister of Economy Gian Galletti from host country, Italy said ministers “agreed on everything except for climate”. The other two countries never joined: Nicaragua didn’t feel as though the Paris Agreement was ambitious enough, and a vicious civil war and global sanctions left Syria unable to attend the negotiations.

Pruitt left the conference after joining for a group photo.

“They’re now taking a position that for any kind of multilateral statement relative to climate, they’re taking the approach that they took at the G-7 meeting, which is to just stay out of it”, Andrew Light, a senior fellow at the World Resources Institute, says of the statement.

Pruitt made a habit in recent months of saying there is a US trend toward lower emissions from a peak in 2007, thanks to the glut of fracked natural gas pushing out coal as a source of electric power.