IPad Pro 10.5 Review Roundup

  • IPad Pro 10.5 Review Roundup

IPad Pro 10.5 Review Roundup

In addition to boosting the software of the iPad Pro with iOS 11, Apple made some display, camera and processor improvements. The sessions are satisfyingly technical, the conversations wide-ranging and the details are tailored for its nerdy (I say as a compliment) audience. The 10.5-in. iPad Pro features almost 20% more screen real estate, Apple boasted, enough room for a full-sized on-screen keyboard. These updates were in products that list from iMac to iOS. However, analysts think that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) might need to slow down on its branding of the iPad Pro as a PC replacement.

The bigger hardware news, though, isn't coming until December.

Pointing an iPad at an empty table would magically make a virtual chess board appear, or a virtual Lego kit, complete with animated Lego figurines admiring the structure. Indeed, this year's WWDC keynote was arguably more developer-oriented than it's been in recent memory. The AR ecosystem for Apple iOS is virtually non-existent, but by introducing support and releasing the ARKit for developers, Apple has set things in motion for the future.

A few iOS items particularly stood out to me.

New Apple Carplay Features focussing on Driving Safety by automatically turning on "Do not disturb" and hiding non-important notifications. Keeping your messages in iCloud also lets you save space on your Mac. Using an iPhone or iPad's many sensors, the device can identify surfaces (like a tabletop) and display interactive items within the environment on-screen, in real time.

According to the updated App Store Review guidelines as originally spotted by 9to5Mac, developers are now being forced to use Apple's in-house API built to display pop-up reminders for users to review certain applications. Navigation will also come with speed limits and lane guidance. There's not a ton I can say about a new personal computer without delving into the inner workings of macOS High Sierra, which will be released in the fall and will affect more than just this system.

IPad Pro 10.5 Review Roundup

The screen is the key component of the tablet, of course.

Pepe the Frog started out as a relatively innocent character in a little-known web comic, and was ultimately transformed into a meme that became strongly associated with the alt-right. If the iPad didn't grow sales for the next five years, it would still be one of the biggest, most profitable businesses in the world. The Pro 10.5 has a bigger battery than the Pro 9.7, but it also has to deal with a brighter screen that refreshes twice as fast.

New and much more powerful dock which is found on the bottom of the home screen can now be accessed from any screen and within any app to quickly open new apps - it also intelligently suggests apps which user might want to open next.

Plus, the Apple Pencil on iOS 11 supports inline drawing in the Mail and Notes apps.

San Jose: After a marathon set of announcements this morning, Apple invited press into a hands-on area for a brief play with their new Macs, iPads and the much hyped HomePod, Apple's take on the multi-room speaker.