Oh yeah, Days Gone has a shitload of zombies

Set in volcanic scarred high-desert of the Pacific Northwest Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game. This time around, the new Days Gone gameplay trailer focuses on the game’s more stealthy aspects. Deacon places an explosive charge on a nearby boarded wall and blows it, alerting a swarm of nearby zombies to the enemy’s presence.

During its E3 press event today, Sony showed off some of SIE Bend’s latest Days Gone gameplay footage.

From looking at the gameplay, you can tell he has a particular set of skills that’ll help him survive in such a risky world. He will also have access to some of his own traps that he can throw and use to distract enemies with. The game mechanics seem polished enough at this point.

The gameplay culminates in a showdown, in which we get a bit more of Deacon’s personality (he’s a smooth talker and quick shooter) during a standoff.

Ravaging hordes of zombies will force you to find alternate routes. Stay tuned for more from E3 and PS4.