Bernie Sanders Slams 1 Percent in Praise for UK's Corbyn

Calls for Mrs May immediate resignation went unheeded as the prime minister visited Buckingham Palace to ask the queen for permission to form a government.

"As we do, we will continue to work with our friends and allies in the Democratic Unionist Party in particular".

May's Conservative Party won the most seats by the slimmest of margins, but lost its majority in the House of Commons - an enormous blow for the Prime Minister, who called the election in order to consolidate power. But chances are that this result is just going to solidify, for some of those people, that a more centrist candidate would have routed May and returned Labour to government-even if it's obvious, from the amount of people who came over to Labour during the election, that they were wrong.

Mainstream Labour MPs, who worry about the impact of the continuing Corbyn revolution on centrist voters, should be prepared to stand by the wounded PM, and likewise she should welcome their approach in the national interest.

She's then got to present a programme to Parliament. "I think there's real fury against the campaign, and the buck stops at the top". "And make way for a government that will be truly representative of all of the people of this country". May stunned the world in April by calling this June election, three years ahead of schedule.

Seeking to capitalise on sky-high popularity ratings, she called the election a few weeks later, urging voters to give her a stronger mandate to go into Brexit talks that are expected to begin as early as June 19.

Northern Ireland is the only part of the which same-sex marriage is illegal.

The result is being billed as one of the biggest political upsets in the country's history, with the Labour Party of far-left Jeremy Corbyn defying expectations and projected to win 261 seats in Parliament.

A final pre-election projection published Thursday by pollster Michael Ashcroft predicted a Conservative majority of 76 seats, gaining ground as Labour and the Scottish nationalists slip back.

But her party's huge lead in the opinion polls - 20 percent in most cases - made the prospect too tempting to pass up. It would be only the second coalition government in the United Kingdom since World War II.

And by framing her negotiating strategy within a set of rigid red lines, she has severely restricted her bargaining ability to get the best deal available.

Reuters reports that Gunther H. Oettinger, a European Commission budget and human resources commissioner, expressed doubt about the talks starting as planned.

"We are ready. We have completed the guidelines, the framework", Merkel said Friday in Mexico City. "Time for everyone to regroup".

"The prime minister has spoken with me this morning and we will enter discussions with the Conservatives to explore how it may be possible to bring stability to our nation at this time of great challenge", Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster told reporters. "We have less than two years to negotiate the we should not waste any time now". Under EU law, once departure has been announced, it must be completed within two years, which is to say by March, 2019. European officials are anxious that the weaker position of the Conservatives make a breakdown in negotiations more likely.

She insisted that she would stick to the Brexit timetable.

May, who took over after the June 2016 Brexit referendum, began the formal two-year process of leaving the European Union on March 29, promising to take Britain out of the single market and cut immigration.

"Everybody is positioning themselves", said Anand Menon, professor of European politics and foreign affairs at Kings College London.

It was also at the heart of the recent scandal over flaws in the design of the country's Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, which led to a breakdown in the Northern Ireland assembly.

"I don't think that's in the hearts and minds of Londoners at the minute, (not) almost as much as security is", said Sheard, 22.