Alex Jones Releases SECRET Megyn Kelly Tapes: ‘It Was All A Lie!’

Ahead of Megyn Kelly’s Sunday night interview with Infowars’ Alex Jones, Jones released about 30 minutes of private conversations he had with Kelly prior to the interview.

On Friday, the InfoWars host revealed that he had recorded his off-the-record, pre-interview conversations with Megyn Kelly, and he has leaked the audio in retaliation for what he claims is Kelly’s misrepresentation of his views. “And so I was recording the whole time, from our pre-interviews, right through the interviews, we have a record of it so that you can decide for yourself what I really said and what I stood for”.

Jones contrasted a preview clip of the actual interview in which the former Fox News host grilled him about his infamous denial of the Sandy Hook massacre with an off-the-record audio clip of him acknowledging to Kelly that “people died there”.

“I knew it was a fraud, that it was a lie”, Jones said.

He added that Kelly acted like she was “obsessed with him”, saying “it was worse than in college in a topless bar when women try to get you to pay for a dance”.

The decision was made to re-cut the interview to make it look like Kelly is being harder on Jones, and now Jones, who has built his empire of hate fighting the mainstream media, is fighting back against Kelly.

NBC News has been in crisis, as calls grow for the network to not air the interview.

As readers know, Jones has been at the center of many political and social controversies, most notoriously that of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting – an incident, which he claimed, was “completely fake, synthetic, with actors – in my view, manufactured”.

Sandy Hook Promise co-founder Nicole Hockey responded by writing a letter to Lack, asking him to cancel Kelly’s interview.

Jones himself has also complained that Kelly, and indeed the media at large, have taken his Sandy Hook statements out of context, going so far as to post secretly recorded audio of the interview days before the episode was set to air.

Kelly later took to Twitter to defend the situation, writing that she finds Jones’ suggestion that Sandy Hook was a hoax “as personally revolting as every other rational person”. The group can not support Kelly or NBC’s decision to give a platform to Jones and hopes NBC reconsiders its plan to broadcast the interview, said Nicole Hockley, co-founder and managing director.

NBC told The Hill it remains committed to airing the interview.

Kelly came under fire last Sunday, when NBC News announced that she would be chatting with the conspiracy theorist. In an NBC promotional video, Kelly can be seen asking Jones about his theories on September 11 and the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.