Georgia man wrangles snake out of gas pump

The couple moved their vehicle to another pump, and a hero made a decision to jump in to remove the snake.

Although I wouldn’t recommend trying this at home, you’ve got to give props to snake-whisperer Radke for getting the snake out calmly and carefully.

Yes, a snake. A 4-foot rat snake had somehow managed to slither into gas pump No. 4 at the Cowboys Shell Gas Station on Highway 278 in Cedartown.

Brandon Radke told WSB the job was easy and he took precautions to make sure the snake didn’t bite him. Radke used his shirt and the pump nozzle to wrangle the non-venomous reptile from its hiding place.

Loren-Stacie Fleener explains on Facebook that she had pulled over to get some gas with her son when they noticed that a huge snake was in the nozzle holder.

“This old man would have a heart attack”, Pete Gault added.

Being a snake lover who isn’t afraid of snakes, Radke went to work dislodging the trespasser. “I love snakes”, Radke explained to KIRO 7.