Ivanka Trump’s Workers Are Living in Poverty Due to Horrifyingly Low Wages

When a Guardian reporter told Alia about the contents of Trump’s book, she laughed and told the outlet her equivalent of Trump’s “work-life balance” involves her seeing her children a few times a month. One woman in particular admitted she only sees her children once a month, because she had no choice to send them to live with their grandparents as she can not afford to support them. Her new book Women Who Work is billed as a self-help guide for women to achieve domestic and professional goals without compromising. Three-quarters of the workers at the PT Buma Apparel Industry factory are women, and more than a dozen spoke up about the conditions and expectations.

Other workers reported routinely working unpaid overtime. Alia, who only makes $173 a month, can’t afford to have them live with her and can only scrape together enough money to visit them one weekend a month.

Ivanka Trump is in hot water for her business practices for the second time in as many weeks, this time for a report from the Guardian detailing alleged workers’ rights abuses. And while the factory does have some unionized jobs (which guarantee maternity leave, health insurance, and a monthly bonus if they “don’t take a day off for menstruation”), those account for less than 10 percent of the total workforce. “Here, at least there is air conditioning”, one employee says, winning this week’s “Deeply Dispiriting Statement Of Positivity” award.

Several workers at the factory owned and operated by the Korean supplier company PT Burma mentioned being called “morons”, “monkies”, and “animals” by their superiors, and cited a pattern of firings before Ramadan to circumvent the “religious holiday bonus”. Last month, a man investigating alleged labor violations at an Ivanka Trump shoe factory in China was arrested, while two other investigators disappeared.

Some are willing to chalk up the allegations against Trump’s factory conditions as standard operating procedure for clothing companies outside of the United States.

Three additional trademarks for jewelry, bags and spa services were initially published in China’s Trademark Gazette on April 6, the same day Ivanka Trump dined with President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago, her father’s resort in Florida, as reported previously by The Associated Press.

Technically, Ivanka has stepped down from the day-to-day managing of the company that still bears her name, but she’s kept it in family, handing it off to her brother-in-law and his wife. “Of course”, they wrote, “resigning from day-to-day management of the Ivanka Trump Collection does not diminish Ms. Trump’s private interest in her company, or in any way mitigate her obligations under federal law”.

She said she had began noticing Trump’s name on the clothing about a year ago and although, she and her husband were “against Donald Trump’s policies” they were not in a financial position to choose work based on their moral beliefs.