Man who shot congressman wanted to work on tax policy, says Wife

The man who opened fire on Republican lawmakers in Alexandria, Virginia, on Wednesday was carrying a handwritten list of House Republicans’ names, NBC News’ Pete Williams reports. The president has spoken to Scalise’s wife and chief of staff, as well as House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the chief of the Capitol Police.

Authorities believe the 66-year-old had been living out of a van in northern Virginia since March after leaving his southern IL home.

Sue Hodgkinson spoke to reporters Thursday outside her IL home. Euille worked out at the local YMCA (next to the baseball field that was the site of the attack) and realized Hodgkinson, who was showering at the Y every morning, was living out of his gym bag. The attacker, who was shot by Scalise’s security detail and later died, was an IL man whose social media postings showed anger at Trump and the Republicans. “Violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society and I condemn this action in the strongest possible terms”, Mr Sanders said in a statement.

Texas Rep. Roger Williams said one of his aides, Zack Barth, was shot but was doing well and expected to recover fully.

Five people were injured, including Congressman Steve Scalise from Louisiana, who remains in critical condition at MedStar hospital. He always drank alone, and always drank cans of Budweiser – sometimes just one, sometimes as many as six, said Kristina Scrimshaw, a bartender at the restaurant.

Michael Caputo, who served as an adviser for Trump’s presidential campaign, blamed a Democratic Party obsession with possible Trump campaign and administration ties to Russian Federation for the shooting.

“I would argue that the president is at least – is partially – again, not in any way totally but partially to blame for demons that have been unleashed”, said South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford in an interview on MSNBC. Bernie Sanders’ campaign, Hodgkinson’s social media profile was filled with violent-sounding rhetoric against the Republican Party.

Wednesday’s senseless shooting of a USA congressman and four other people allegedly by a gunman who was a supporter of Democrat Sen.

“This country is in need of a major change in more ways than one, but let’s start with the federal income tax rates”, said a 2008 letter. Sources tell CBS News there were many writings among Hodgkinson’s possessions, either on his person, in bags he carried or had in his vehicle.

All the charges were later dismissed when none of his alleged victims appeared in court, the BBC reported.

Law enforcement records show that Hodgkinson had been arrested on suspicion of battery and motor vehicle damage, among other arrests.

On March 24, Bill Schaumleffel recalled hearing shots being fired outside his house, which stands about 500 feet behind Hodgkinson’s home. “He was shooting in his backyard over this way in our field”.

Schaumleffel recalled how she and her husband notified the police when the man refused to stop shooting his weapon in the middle on the afternoon.

Authorities also confirm Hodgkinson legally purchased a 9 mm handgun and an assault-style rifle from licensed firearms sellers.

The deputy cautioned Hodgkinson about shooting around homes, given that the rounds can travel up to a mile.