Palestinian attackers killed after killing Israeli officer

In the first incident, a Palestine attacker attacked a group of Israeli police with a knife but was gunned down.

Malka, who joined the Border Police 15 months ago, is survived by her parents, three sisters and two brothers.

Back to the terrorists claiming responsibility – IS and Hamas are Islamist terror organizations (the PFLP is secular Marxist).

The PFLP said two of the attackers were its members in a separate statement: “The media office of the PFLP armed wing mourns two of its hero comrades, two freed prisoners”.

The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) claimed a deadly attack in Israel for the first time Friday, after three Palestinian men stabbed and killed an Israeli police officer in Jerusalem.

Israel’s Shin Bet internal security agency identified the three assailants as Braa Salah, born in 1998; Adel Ankush, born 1999; and Asama Atta, born 1998; all from the village of Deir Abu Mashal near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

The extremist group has a major presence across Israel’s southern border in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, from where it has claimed several rocket attacks into Israel.

The area around Damascus Gate was sealed off in the hours after the attack, with a few youths throwing fireworks at security forces.

Hearing reports on a police radio of gunfire at an East Jerusalem holy site several blocks away from the Old City, a group of Israeli border police near the Old City’s Damascus gate was preparing to respond when an assailant began stabbing Staff Sgt. Maj. The Israeli military raided the village Saturday, imposing a closure, but officials also said Friday night’s attacks were carried out by local individuals without a formal link to any group.

He announced that in the wake of the attack Palestinian visits to Israel that were approved for the Muslim observance of Ramadan were revoked and that security forces are preparing to demolish the homes of the attackers.

Last week U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the Palestinians had agreed to stop the payments but both the Palestinians and Israel disputed the claim. In that period, some 250 Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire.

Since October 2015, more than 285 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces during – or immediately after – alleged attacks on Israelis or in clashes with Israeli security forces, according to Palestinian figures.

At times the attacks were daily occurrences, but they have relatively subsided in recent months.

He slammed the Palestinian leadership for not denouncing the attack while condemning Israel for killing the terrorists.

Palestinians say those attacks result from anger over decades of Israeli occupation.

Al-Ayyam said that Israeli forces closed streets in Jerusalem, while hundreds of West Bank citizens were moved to Israeli checkpoints in the city.