Theresa May Warned Over Northern Ireland Unionist Deal, Power Sharing

That source, and another in the Conservative party, said May’s misjudged election gamble had undermined her authority, leaving her in the thrall of the two wings of her party that have differing views for Brexit – “purists” who want a clean break and “remainers” pressing for close ties.

David Davis: The Brexit Secretary will lead the negotiations for the United Kingdom and Mrs May will hope he lives up to his reputation as a “charming bastard” – staunchly Eurosceptic but with the ability to win people round to his argument.

“The most right-wing and reactionary party in northern Ireland will be backed by the most right-wing and reactionary major party in Britain, directly the product of British imperialism’s history of intervention and domination in Ireland”, he commented, pointing out that the UDA and UVF paramilitaries had backed the DUP in this month’s General Election.

Theresa May approached the topic robustly, announcing that Britain would leave the Single Market with the ending of free movement an integral part of that process.

Northern Ireland’s frontier with the Republic will be the UK’s only land border with the European Union once the Brexit deal is completed. “(Davis) has shown a “huge evolution”, a Western diplomat said, adding that the Brexit minister seemed to be well on top of his brief.

During that scandal, DUP First Minister Arlene Foster ignored repeated calls for her to step aside while an investigation is carried out into the scheme – which could cost taxpayers in the North in the region of £400 million (about €460 million), possibly more. “Politicians in Northern Ireland and at Westminster must heed this demand for change”.

However, in January, Sinn Fein pulled out of the government over a corruption scandal involving DUP leader Arlene Foster, who is now negotiating with May.

Ms Foster said the talks deadline remained “realistic”.

But Republicans have said the inclusion of the DUP in the British Government would violate that neutrality.

“That means a deal which serves the unique circumstances on this island and a deal which protects the free movement of people and business across Ireland and into the European Union”.

British Prime Minister Theresa May plans to put her programme to parliament next week, a sign of confidence that talks on propping up her government will conclude in a deal and end days of uncertainty since she lost her majority.

“The danger is that however much any government tries, they will not be seen to be impartial if they are locked into a parliamentary deal, at Westminster, with one of the Northern Ireland parties”.

Under this agreement the UK Government is meant to be a neutral arbiter of disputes between political parties in Northern Ireland, and this would be hard to do if the Tory government forms any sort of pact with the DUP. “The risk is that Northern Ireland continues to fail to find solutions, and potentially the peace process unwinds”, Usherwood said.