Afghan commando kills two American soldiers before being shot dead

According to the spokesman Attahullah Khogyani of the Nangarhar province governor, where the incident occurred, the U.S. servicemen were killed by a soldier of the Afghanistan armed forces. The death toll later rose to three, with one injured.

We would like to express our deepest condolences to the families of the ABP members affected by this unfortunate incident“, the statement said, as cited by Reuters.

The shooting occurred in Achin district, where United States special forces have been fighting with Afghan troops against Islamic State and Taliban militants. Dubbed the “Mother Of All Bombs”, the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast was unleashed in combat for the first time April 12, hitting IS positions in a remote area of eastern Nangarhar province.

“The cause of the shooting is not clear”.

So-called “green-on-blue” attacks – when Afghan soldiers or police turn their guns on global troops – have been a major problem during NATO’s long years fighting alongside Afghan forces.

The shooter was killed immediately.

The Taliban say the Afghan soldier was one of their own.

In March, three US soldiers were injured in Helmand Province after being fired upon by an Afghan soldier.

Such insider attacks have happened before in Afghanistan.

The Trump administration is in the middle of a review of the overall USA strategy in Afghanistan.

Achin District is the primary base of operations for ISIS in Afghanistan and has been the site of multiple joint US-Afghan counterterrorism missions.

Currently, there are about 8,400 US troops and another 5,000 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces in Afghanistan to train and assist Afghan forces against the Taliban and conduct counter-terrorism missions. The Afghan government in Kabul has come under growing pressure from the Taliban and other armed insurgents. One of those wounded later died of injuries sustained in the attack, a us official tells CBS News.

A similar insider attack wounded three USA soldiers in March in Helman province, according to ABC News. The area has been cordoned off by US troops.

Omar Zwak, a spokesman for the Helmand governor, put the toll at three policemen killed and two wounded.

Afghan officials said that an investigation into the incident is underway.