Anti-Sharia marches, counter-protests planned across the US

A counter-demonstration, calledSeattle Stands With Our Muslim Neighbors“, will start at 9 a.m. Demonstrators plan to meet at Occidental Square, then walk to the anti-Sharia group.

Seattle police deployed pepper spray on both parties and made several arrests. Scuffles broke out on the approach to the Capitol and State Troopers took at least four people into custody.

Sharia law is about domination of women.

Two protests, in opposition to each other, were held near the Oceanside Pier on Saturday.

A “March Against Sharia” drew crowds of protesters and counter-protesters to the Minnesota State Capitol Saturday, along with a heavy police presence.

Protesters of Islamic law and counter-demonstrators expressing support for Muslims clashed verbally Saturday, prompting police to step between them, as dozens of anti-Shariah rallies took place around the country.

Denise Zamora, a member of ACT and Latinos for Trump, said she and others chose to organize the event to denounce Sharia, which she considers to be at the root of Islamic terrorism. Meanwhile, hate cries against Muslims have been on the rise.

Counterdemonstrators, though, outnumbered the protesters by about 2 to 1.

Across Centre Street, several hundred protesters – branding themselves as anti-fascist – brought out cowbells, drums and air horns in an attempt to stop the anti-Muslim side from being heard. State Sen. Michael Williams, a Republican candidate for governor, spoke to the rally, according to his spokesman, Seth Weathers.

That’s why Mark Lori says he attended the anti-Sharia Law Rally.

Zamora claimed the San Bernardino rally was peaceful and not anti-Muslim in nature.

More than 100 United States religious and civil liberties groups denounced the rallies as disingenuously fear-mongering, and condemned the protests in a letter to the mayors of host cities. No injuries have been reported.

Inayat Malik, board member of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati, said the protest against his religion is the first of its kind since the center, which is highly visible off Interstate 75, opened in 1995.

Some marchers against Sharia law chanted “gay rights” at one time and said they opposed Islam’s treatment of women, but the executive director of the North County LGBTQ Resource Center said he didn’t appreciate the association. And to no one’s surprise, the rally approved of President Donald Trump’s calls to impose restrictions on immigrants and refugees. Giant letters spelling out “Trump” loomed on the high-rise over the more than 100 protesters.

The anti Sharia demonstrators did the same, holding their signs and delivering their message on loudspeakers. Tensions rose when counter-protesters crossed the street to meet the anti-Sharia group, tossing jugs of rotten milk across the barrier that separated them.