Arlene Foster’s DUP leadership could scupper powersharing talks, Sinn Fein warns

Referring to financial controversies which helped tumble the Executive earlier this year, including the Cash for Ash scandal linked to Ms Foster, Mr Kearney said they continue to overshadow the region.

Sinn Fein reduced the margin to just one seat, winning 27 assembly seats, just one less than the 28 won by the DUP.

And Twitter has obviously gone into meltdown.

The new Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has warned that Northern Ireland could be the part of Europe “most vulnerable” to a poor deal between London and Brussels on the United Kingdom quitting the European Union.

And yep, the tweet has since been deleted.

Mr Coveney pledged to “spare no effort” to help get the Stormont power-sharing Executive back up and running.

“Northern Ireland is perhaps the most vulnerable part of Europe to a bad Brexit deal, should that happen”, said Mr Coveney.

Prompted by her poor election showing, particularly among pro-EU young people who fear losses of jobs and opportunity from Brexit, some of her most senior ministers and two former Conservative prime ministers have called for a rethink.

The intervention comes after Brexit Secretary David Davis was seen to have been dealt a blow in the opening day of withdrawal negotiations with the European Union, after it was agreed trade deal talks would not begin until October at the earliest.

But Stormont parties have a June 29 deadline to end the impasse and reach consensus on re-establishing a devolved administration in the region.

“And that’s why I think it is important to listen to the concerns and ideas and approaches on the key issues from all parties”.

The PM is preparing for the Queen’s Speech on Wednesday and has not yet struck a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to prop up her minority government.

The British government has rejected suggestions that the deal will hamper power-sharing talks.

“There have been positive engagements today between ourselves and Sinn Féin”, he said. Now Sinn Fein says a Brexit “hard” border will damage the economy, and goes against the wishes of the majority.

Asked when the proposed confidence and supply arrangement the DUP will be signed off, she said discussions with the party were ongoing.

“We’re having good constructive discussions and I’m confident that we’ll reach a sensible agreement”, Grayling told BBC radio.