Bills cornerback takes Uber from Chicago to Buffalo – for $932.08

On Sunday, newly signed Bills cornerback Shareece Wright took this commitment to levels previously unseen in the National Football League, hailing an Uber from Chicago to Buffalo in order to get to practice on time, according to his agent Tamerat Berhe.

ESPN is reporting that the Bills cornerback summoned an Uber for the trip from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport to the Bills practice grounds in Orchard Park. So he pulled out his phone and called Uber. The trip took eight hours and cost Wright $632. From Chicago to Buffalo. Although he did not go into details, Wright presumably missed his flight as he chose to take an Uber to Buffalo to meet up with the team. So he Ubered instead. How impressed will the coaches be at Wright’s determination to get to a voluntary mini-camp?

Uber is available to be used in Chicago, however, the ever-growing ride-sharing business won’t be allowed for use in the city of Buffalo until June 29, making this unorthodox road trip even more of an anomaly. Well, know this: It didn’t take longer than Shareece Wright’s excursion Sunday night.

But in the end, Winny got $900 for his efforts, and Wright got to OTAs on time.