Cosby prosecutor fights release of juror names

Mike McCloskey told WDVE-radio 102.5 FM that he and other alternates were kept separate from other jurors during deliberations in eastern Pennsylvania which ended in a deadlock.

It is not yet clear why jurors could not reach a verdict, or how close they came.

In addition to bracing himself for a new criminal trial, Cosby is also battling civil cases, accusing him of sexual battery or defamation. But Agrusa is, in some fashion, declaring victory nonetheless.

“Once the risk to the integrity of the trial has dissipated, there is no legitimate reason for maintaining the anonymity of the jurors”, she said.

One thing Agrusa doesn’t quite know – and, surprisingly, neither does nearly everyone else – is the breakdown of the jury vote.

McCloskey posted his juror ID badge on Facebook to prove he was on the alternate jury. Each of the jurors is free to talk publicly about his or her own conclusions, but not about how peers sided. It’s unclear how many jurors voted for conviction and how many wanted an acquittal. Judge Steven O’Neill advised jurors when the trial ended Saturday outside Philadelphia that they need not discuss the case.

Despite the secrecy about the jury vote, rumors are flying. There was then-Alberta Justice Robin Camp, who in 2014 asked a rape complainant why she simply didn’t keep her, and perhaps more appallingly, went on to lecture the 19-year-old woman that “pain and sex sometimes go together”. The district attorney at the time declined to press charges, citing insufficient evidence.

Cosby’s attorney also addresses some of the most buzzed-about elements from the trial.

Cosby’s defense team questioned Constand’s credibility, pointing to inconsistencies in her accounts to the police, and argued that the 2004 encounter was consensual and “romantic”. She said the judge was “overtly and arrogantly collaborating with the DA”. “He is a storyteller”. We were always prepared to put him on the stand.

McCloskey is the first of the jurors to speak out about the trial. The jurors apparently decided Saturday that they had had enough. Prosecutors suggested he drugged her with something stronger. “The retrial happens next, and the prosecution may try to call other accusers”.

The names of the jurors who failed to reach a verdict in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial have not been made public, but the judge could revisit the issue as early as Monday. “Trust it, believe in it, and I’m confident that if this case is retried, he’ll be acquitted”. “Witnesses are gone”, he said.

Nevertheless, Agrusa admits it was a bit risky, and she says she endured a “rollercoaster of emotions” during the week of jury deliberations. That never came up in her seven hours of testimony. As I was giving an interview to a local media outlet, I found myself feeling hopeful as we spoke about Steele’s announcement that he will see this through until the end.

Agrusa says she struggled with putting on a straight face every time she left the courtroom last week. “We’re only here because of those unproven accusations and I believe and I know in my heart that the judge will not reverse his decision, will give us a fair trial as he just did”.

“Social attitudes in general affect what happens in criminal trials, in rape cases”.

In civil lawsuits in the USA, plaintiffs need only show that the weight of evidence is on their side, meaning they have information to tip the scales above 50pc in their favour, as opposed to criminal cases in which prosecutors must prove claims beyond a reasonable doubt. They have a lot of searching to do when they make a decision. I don’t think the outcome would be any better for them. “She’s entitled to a verdict in this case and the citizens of Montgomery County, where this crime occurred, are entitled to a verdict in this case and we will push forward to try to get that done”.