Cousin: Pregnant Woman Killed By Police Wasn’t Violent

There were children at the scene while the shooting occurred, ” but they were not injured“, the department said.

Jamieson said officers have responded to calls at the apartment unit before.

“Why couldn’t they have Tased her?”, said Ms Williams to the newspaper, questioning why police did not subdue her sister in a non-fatal manner. Two officers arrived and fired their service weapons at Lyles after she allegedly displayed a knife, police said. The woman was hit multiple times and died just inside the apartment.

In the choppy audio, the unidentified officers discussed previous visits to Lyles’ residence, before greeting her and asking to come into the apartment.

King County jail records show that Lyles was arrested on June 5 on charges of harassment, obstruction of a public official and harassment of a law enforcement officer.

The officers who shot her are on paid leave, as is in standard procedure.

The officers went up to Lyles’ fourth-floor apartment, the detective said, where “at some point, the 30-year-old female was armed with a knife”. Then there’s a four-second pause, followed by a sudden commotion – you can hear Lyles say, ‘You ready?’, she calls them an expletive, and the cops react, saying “We need help“, presumably over their radios, and commanding someone to “get back”.

The Seattle Police Department on Monday released an audio recording taken Sunday that documented the deadly shooting of a pregnant woman at her home.

The shooting is now under investigation to determine whether the use of force was justified. About two minutes into the exchange, at least one of the officers shouts, “Get back!” The woman can be heard telling the officers the door was unlocked. “Seattle’s police have a long history of treating people of color more harshly, and our north precinct, where Ms. Lyles lived, is notorious for racism”.

Family members said Lyles was three months pregnant and struggled with mental health issues.

Three children who were inside the apartment at the time. “The Seattle police shot the wrong one today”.

Medics later arrived at the scene and declared Lyles dead at the scene.

“She was not a person you would fear or feel intimidated by”, Lyles’ brother Domico Jones said.

According to the documents, Lyles was making “several unusual comments such as wanting to “morph into a wolf” and was talking about ‘cloning her daughter'”.

Lyles’ family says the shooting was unnecessary and that Lyles suffered from mental health issues.

Seattle’s Mayor Ed Murray said the incident was a “tragedy for all involved and will be fully investigated”.

The Seattle Police Department has been under a federal consent decree since 2012, after a Department of Justice investigation found its officers routinely engaged in excessive use of force, most often against people with mental or substance abuse problems.

Authorities added that the pair “were equipped with less lethal force options, per department policy”.