Democrats stall US Senate work to protest healthcare secrecy

But when asked directly whether White House legislative aides have seen a draft, Spicer said: “I don’t know”.

“The American Health Care Act would fundamentally redefine health care in our country”, it concludes.

Sensing that the unpopular GOP bill could give them an advantage in 2018, Democrats will contrast how their approach to passing Obamacare differed from how Republicans are treating their legislation.

“People (are) working in secret on a bill that they’re going to try to force through Congress with no public input, no hearings, no meetings, no markups, no debate, no public accountability”, he said in the talk-a-thon, which dragged into a fifth hour.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., voiced feelings many rank-and-file Republicans share about the process during a Sunday show appearance.

On Monday night, Democrats will “begin objecting to all unanimous consent requests”, according to a senior Senate Democratic aide. The former Senate historian says nothing this big has been done so secretly in the Senate since World War I.

Some Republican senators have blanched at the behind-closed-doors process, but haven’t committed to voting against the bill in protest. “There have been gazillions of hearings on this subject when [Democrats] were in the majority, when we were in the majority”. He’s hoping to get the measure through the Senate before Congress’ Fourth of July recess, though it’s unclear that will happen because of divisions among GOP lawmakers. And it won’t get put back together that easily.

Mitch McConnell, the real evil one, is doing his damnedest to take health care away from millions and millions of Americans. In terms of comparing this to Congressional history, maybe what’s missing from this process is that it is not being driven by a specific committee or a powerful chairman in the House and/or Senate.

Democrats have blasted the Republicans for the extreme secrecy surrounding the proceedings, in addition to the decision to exclude women from drafting the law. The GOP-led House held just a handful of both before it finally approved its version of the legislation last month.

The inquiries ranged from how many days the Senate considered the legislation to how many days the text of the legislation was on respective committees’ websites before the committees considered it. Last minute deals were made in 2009-2010, and may be part of the deal in 2017 as well, no matter how much Democrats complain.

Starting in 2009, House and Senate committees held scores of hearings and voted on hundreds of amendments, including some from Republicans – who all ended up voting “no” on final passage.

BENNETT: I think their goal is to really bring attention to what they view as the GOP’s attempt to scrap the Affordable Care Act in secret.

Senate Democrats, in taking action Monday, are inserting themselves into a process that has excluded them by design. Explaining the twisted logic of lawmakers who seem to have forgotten that they serve the public, CNN writes, “Reveal it too soon and criticism from outside conservative groups, independent reviews, and Democrats could have the bill unravel before it hits the floor”.

“We’ll let you see the bill when we finally release it”, the Majority Leader said.