Democrats to halt Senate business in health care protest

Republicans are drafting this bill in secret because they’re ashamed of it, plain and simple”, said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Holding the floor on Monday evening will likely not change the health care vote or force the bill to committee, but it will make for Democrat highlights Tuesday morning.

Democrats furious with Republican secrecy planned to bring Senate business to a halt Monday night to protest President Donald Trump’s party crafting a back-room Obamacare repeal plan and refusing to hold public hearings about it. Some Senate Republicans have set an informal June 30 deadline to pass their version of the health care bill, leaving 10 legislative days to do so. In the House, conservatives have written to McConnell to express concern about reports that say the Senate may water down the House bill.

“Now this is a bill that would likely reorder one-sixth of the American economy and have life-and-death consequences for millions of Americans…and it’s being discussed in secret, with no committee hearings, no debate, no amendments, no input from the minority”, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor Monday.

“This radical departure from normal procedure on a bill of such effect leaves the Senate minority little choice but to depart from normal procedure as well”, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor.

Democrats also plan to start objecting to all unanimous consent requests in the Senate, which are typically made to approve noncontroversial items, though they might make some exceptions.

When asked whether McConnell would put the legislation on the floor even if it were to fail, Burr said, “Sure, that’s what he said”.

The Democratic leadership and rank-and-file members are planning to prevent the chamber from conducting routine business, including allowing committees to meet for extended hearings when the Senate is in session.

Republicans have held no committee meetings or votes on the measure, which McConnell is trying to produce from numerous private meetings among GOP senators.

The governors called on Senators to work together across the aisle to come up with a better solution.

“I think we’ll have ample opportunity to read and amend the bill”, McConnell said.

Senate Democrats are moving into hour five of their talk-a-thon against Trumpcare and against the deeply undemocratic process Mitch McConnell is following to ram it through. Many Republican senators have seen little more than an outline and a Power Point summary of the Senate health care legislation that is being drafted.

“Bless you. And that is another reason why we need the Affordable Care Act to be in place”, Harris added, prompting laughter from staff members on the Senate floor. Many Republican senators have pushed for a more gradual phaseout in their bill, as well as preserving certain protections for preexisting conditions under the ACA not maintained in the House bill. The Vermont independent said 23 million Americans would lose coverage under the House plan, a figure the Congressional Budget Office cited last month, and Medicaid would be cut by more than $800 billion.