Despite tweet, lawyer says Trump not being probed

Sekulow explained the president’s tweet that appeared to acknowledge he was under investigation from the special counsel.

In an interview with Reuters in April – shortly before his first 100 days in office – Trump talked about how the rigors of the White House were affecting him.

But returning to the White House late Sunday with wife, Melania, and son Barron, he pronounced it “incredible”, “beautiful” and “very nice”.

A few minutes before that tweet, Trump spoke about the witch hunt, saying “Despite the phony Witch Hunt going on in America, the economic & jobs numbers are great”.

Just as Trump called up to congratulate Narendra Modi after the BJP’s thumping win in the Uttar Pradesh state elections – which was unprecedented, the White House backlash against H1B and Trump’s anti-India rant during the USA pullout of the Paris climate deal are also uniquely Trumpian in terms of political strategy.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has oversight authority over the special counsel investigation, has told colleagues he may have to recuse himself.

TRUMP: When Trump wants to say more on a subject than one tweet’s 140-character content limit allows, he simply does what other Twitter users do: He writes more tweets about it. Mueller operates with day-to-day independence of Rosenstein, but Rosenstein still oversees how the investigation is funded. “We’re going to get the full truth out there, and I repeat, I believe that is the best thing that can happen for the president and for this administration”, Rubio told NBC’s “Meet the Press“. “Can you tell us that?”

The scorched-earth approach may have grave political consequences. Labeling what victor is accused of having disclosed as a leak is accurate and pursuing charges is warranted, though we hope the prosecution drops the vaguely jihadist narrative it’s trying to pin on her.

Then there’s the issue of Mueller, and the argument for his potential conflict is not what one might expect.

The government-owned retreat for presidents since Franklin D. Roosevelt is more rustic than Trump’s usual gilded surroundings.

At worst, it could force the nation to confront a third debate on whether to remove an elected President in just 45 years. “I can not read the mind of the special prosecutor“, Sekulow said.

Sekulow says that when people study the 2016 presidential election, they’ll look back at Trump’s communications as the most successful utilization of social media platforms and communication in our lifetime”.

“He, from every pronouncement we have seen, feels very strongly that he did nothing wrong, and he wants people to say that, because he feels very strongly about it”, Rubio said.

“The president has confidence of everyone who serves for him in this administration”, said Spicer. “And he’s expressing himself in that way”.

What has Trump himself said? Comey wrote memos documenting his conversations with Trump regarding the Russian Federation investigation. “He’s been a fighter his whole life”, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said on ABC’s “This Week”.

Mainstream press analysis mostly sneered that the president’s response is a sign of nervousness of what may be about to come out of the investigation.

The current secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, while speaking to Pete Hegseth on Fox News Radio’s “Klimeade and Friends”, on Friday, said that he believes that the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, to investigate the alleged collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign, and the recent obstruction of justice allegations, should be given a fair chance and some time, before being overturned.

Cuomo again pressed why Trump’s legal team can’t just pick up the phone and find out definitively if Mueller is investigating the president, but Sekulow demurred. He then seriously compromised his professional ethics and broke the law by leaking those notes to the New York Times, in order to draw attention to pressure that the President supposedly placed on him to drop the investigation into General Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Advisor.

As the investigation moves forward, Trump will continue to speak out against what he believes to be a political conspiracy.

Investigators have also sought information from recently retired NSA Deputy Richard Ledgett, according to the source. Ironic, because there are so many similarities between the two: a president known for telling lies, under investigation for obstruction of justice, who tries to get off the hook by firing Justice Department officials leading the investigation.