Donald Trump Is Being Investigated For Obstruction Of Justice & ‘Possible Financial Crimes’!

“They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story”.

Donald Trump has reportedly been yelling at TV sets in the White House as he becomes “increasingly angry” about an investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the USA presidential election.

Mr Trump – who has repeatedly denied any collusion with Russian Federation – said the move was the latest action in a “phony story”.

The president complained the probe is unfair and wondered why his defeated Democratic opponent was not getting the same scrutiny. Since then Mueller, who served as FBI director before Comey, has taken over the investigation.

Three senior intelligence officials are being interviewed this week to assess whether the President broke the law.

The White House confirmed Mr Mueller was among the candidates the president interviewed to replace Mr Comey.

In a perplexing series of Friday-morning tweets, President Donald Trump appeared to confirm that he is under investigation by the FBI and levelled a scathing attack against the officials leading the inquiry.

People familiar with the matter told the Post that the investigation into Trump for possible obstruction of justice began days after Trump abruptly fired Comey on May 9.

The website reported that Trump will sometimes interrupt conversations with associates to say, “I’m not under investigation”.

A few days after the March 22 meeting, Trump spoke separately with Coats and Rogers and asked them to issue public statements to the effect that there was no evidence of coordination between his campaign and Russian Federation.

The federal investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, a former FBI director, is reportedly examining whether Trump’s actions rise to the level of obstruction of justice.

The Senate judiciary committee does plan to investigate whether there was any interference with the FBI investigations, and the panel’s chairman, Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley, has not ruled out investigating obstruction of justice as part of the probe.

“I think he’s looking for information that would bolster the case that Comey made publicly and in his memos – that he believed Trump had directed him to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn, who was President Trump’s first national security adviser”.

The President has been advised, on numerous occasions, to avoid commenting on both the Russian probe and social media.