Emmanuel Macron to reshuffle government after French parliament election win

European stocks led world markets higher on Monday after parliamentary elections in France gave a majority to President Emmanuel Macron, an outcome that will give him more power to reform the economy. We want to be effective.

Republic on the Move! and its allies from the Modem party took 350 seats – far more than the 289 needed for a majority, according to the Interior Ministry’s definitive results.

Goulard, who was previously a member of the European Parliament, said she could not remain in the government while there was a possibility that she could be investigated over alleged misuse of expenses at that parliament. They started arriving at the National Assembly on Monday to learn their way around before the first session of parliament next week.

In the legislative poll, her party scooped up eight seats in the 577-seat chamber, a four-fold increase on the previous parliament but much less than it hoped for and not enough to form a parliamentary group. The Socialist Party, which dominated the outgoing Assembly, was the main loser in Sunday’s vote, winning only 29 seats.

Valls, a centrist member of the Socialist Party who past year in a speech called anti-Zionism a form of anti-Semitism and who in 2009 said he has an “eternal bond” with the Jewish people because of his marriage to a Jewish woman, narrowly beat the far-left politician Jean-Luc Melenchon, who has been accused of espousing anti-Semitic rhetoric in speeches, in the Essone region in northern France.

Le Pen on Monday praised Sunday’s vote as “historic” result but denounced an “anti-democratic voting system” that she says doesn’t represent the “real weight” of her far-right party in the country.

Marine Le Pen had said her father would not be welcome at the meeting of the party’s leadership.

Others agree that France’s current two-round voting system favours mainstream parties and their allies.

The government spokesman said earlier that Macron is expected to make only small, “technical” changes and rename the government.