Fuze is bringing programming tool Code Studio to Switch

You love playing Super Mario and the new Zelda game on the console, you’ll soon be able to code a bunch of such games or apps for yourself very soon.

Nintendo has released the biggest update yet to the Switch’s software since it’s release in March. Once docked, you can also use the Switch to show off your creations to friends, family or even teachers.

In addition, the updated console firmware now includes functionality to notify users when their friends come online. Apparently people have managed to make great stuff with similar systems, like SmileBASIC on the 3DS. It has a number of interesting features for fans of the new system, though one could be particularly useful for those who find themselves misplacing their Joy-Cons. The quick settings menu will now reportedly allow users to adjust the system volume, which is, of course, limited to when the console is being used in handheld mode. This function should also apply to the Switch Pro Controller too. There’s also the ability to lower overall volume for headphones and speakers connected to the audio jack, and the chance to change color preferences for the display, with effects like greyscale and inversion for those that want them.

A software update for the Switch has resolved a long-standing issue with the Switch and added a couple of new features. For typing you can use Fuze’s touchscreen keyboard or plug in a USB keyboard – like that new official Nintendo Switch keyboard, for instance. And obviously creating your own titles for Switch is going to be a particular lure for plenty of youngsters.