G7 meeting on environment confirms split on climate between U.S., allies

Below is a statement by Union of Concerned Scientists Director of Strategy and Policy Alden Meyer, who has almost 30 years of experience working on global climate and energy issues.

Differences between the United States and other leading economies over climate change remain wide and are not likely to narrow, environment ministers from G7 countries said on Sunday.

The summit was the first since President Donald Trump declared he would pull the USA out of the worldwide Paris accord earlier this month.

The environment talks echoed May’s G7 leaders’ summit in Sicily and the G7 energy ministers’ meeting in Rome in April. The statement says that the Paris agreement remains as the global mechanism to effectively and urgently handle climate change and for the adaptation to its effects, while reiterating that it is irreversible and its comprehensive management is crucial for the security and prosperity of the world, societies and economies. The president is moving more of the job of combating the possible effects of global warming to the USA private sector and the laboratory of the states, where it properly belongs.

“The U.S.is bigger than one administration, and we’re going to be moving forward with the states, cities and businesses in the United States that are committed to serious climate action”, McKenna said.

With the environmental movement galvanized, and this new coalition of states, cities, and industries more energized than ever before to commit to mitigation efforts, we might see the United States bridge that gap even faster outside Paris.

Italy, Germany, and France had already expressed such position in a joint statement on June 1, in which they defended the Paris deal, regretted president Trump’s decision, and dismissed the idea the global agreement could be renegotiated.

It “will continue to engage with key worldwide partners in a manner that is consistent with our domestic priorities, preserving both a strong economy and a healthy environment”. It also specifically noted President Donald Trump’s decision to unilaterally pull out of the landmark Paris agreement on climate change.

Pruitt left early to attend Trump’s first full Cabinet meeting on Monday.

“If someone thought this G7 was needed so that the USA would go back on what they said a week ago, he will be disappointed”, Galletti said.

In a statement the EPA said Pruitt had emphasized it was time to move forward and find ways to engage with other countries to protect and use US natural resources.

Patricia Espinosa, the United Nations official in charge of implementing the Paris accord, emphasised that the U.S. could not take any concrete steps to exit Paris for three years, under the terms of the accord.

“The prime minister does not oppose the Paris agreement from being discussed at the G20”.

While it will take years for the U.S.to completely withdraw from the deal, Monday’s statement is the first tangible sign – other than Mr. Trump’s Rose Garden announcement two weeks ago – to the rest of the world that the administration is serious about withdrawal.

“If the G19 reaffirms their strong commitments to the Paris agreement – wow, you have the whole world”, the G6 source said.