Grenfell Tower Fire Victim Count Increases, Police Investigate Possible Crimes

The aftermath: Firefighters filmed the video while speeding towards the tower block.

The new exterior cladding used in a renovation on London’s Grenfell Tower may have been banned under United Kingdom building regulations, two British ministers said Sunday as police continued their criminal investigation into the inferno that killed at least 58 people. Cundy said emergency workers have now reached the top of the tower.

The fire ripped through the high-rise early Wednesday.

“Whilst it will look at the how, perhaps more importantly, it will also look at why this happened“, Cundy said.

Former cabinet minister Sir Eric Pickles received a letter about fire regulations from the parliamentary group in February 2014, according to the BBC. Newly-appointed Indian-origin housing minister in the Department for Communities and Local Government, Alok Sharma, said, “Every single family will be rehoused in the local area”.

Trade Minister Greg Hands said Sunday the government is carrying out an “urgent inspection” of the roughly 2,500 similar tower blocks across Britain to assess their safety, while an opposition lawmaker urged the government to quickly secure any documents related to the Grenfell renovation for a criminal investigation.

“I think this is a wake-up call for us and we have to get our house in order”, she added.

The government department promised a review in 2013, but it was soon delayed.

“Is that – that’s not a real block with people in it.?” one fireman asks. At the time, William said it was “one of the most awful things I have ever seen”, and the Queen said that the country should be “resolute in the face of adversity” in the wake of the tragedy.

“Occupy it, compulsorily purchase it, requisition it: there’s a lot of things you can do”.

He said the temperature of the blaze at Grenfell Tower was comparable to a cremation.

People reported that Prince William broke royal protocol during the visit when he hugged and tried to comfort an inconsolable woman whose husband went missing during the fire.

The Metropolitan Police has launched “wide ranging” investigation, looking at the construction of the building, the recent refurbishment, how it was managed and maintained, and fire safety measures.

‘Today’s buildings have a much higher content of readily-available combustible material, ‘ a 2015 letter to Tory minister James Wharton said. Examples are timber and polystyrene mixes in structure, cladding and insulation.

‘This fire hazard results in many fires because adequate recommendations to developers simply do not exist.

“I really hope it won’t, but it may increase”, he said.

The government has said there is still no timetable for a review.

Previously, the Metropolitan Police had confirmed 30 people had been killed in the inferno; the announcement Saturday almost doubles that number. The exact cause of the fire is still unknown.

“I’ve got a friend who works for the fire brigade here, yeah?” “We need to find out precisely what cladding was used and how it was attached”.

Some Grenfell residents had warned months ago that fire safety issues at the tower left it at risk of a “catastrophic” event.

One banner showed a drawing of May with the words “Shame” and “Disgrace”.