Withings announces new blood pressure monitor, body monitor scales, ceases to exist

This move had been announced way back in February at MWC 2017 when Nokia said that it was looking to get back into the consumer market under its own brand name.

On April 26th, 2016 Nokia acquired health company Withings for the sum of $191 million. Nokia is not only encapsulating the French hardware maker’s products under its brand name.

Would the company keep Withings as a separate entity, building upon its brand awareness? All Nokia digital health devices will sync with the Health Mate app.

Today, Nokia has made its plans clear with the full absorption of the Withings brand into the company. “The products are attractive, easy to use and fit seamlessly into people’s daily lives, enabling individuals to easily monitor and improve their health”.

“The Nokia global expansion into digital health builds on Nokia’s track record of quality, reliability and trust, attributes critical to health”, said Brad Rodrigues, interim president at Nokia Technologies.

A large portion of the brand transition is just rebranding current Withings products – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

While Nokia has already rebranded the existing portfolio of Withings connected health products, two new ones have now joined the lineup: the Nokia Body, a BMI Wi-Fi connected pair of weighing scales and Nokia BPM+, a blood pressure monitor with flexible cuff.

Also new is BPM+ (£115), a compact and portable blood pressure and heart rate monitor. It has today launched a completely new and minimalistic interface, which makes it easier and more intuitive for the user to interact with their data. The new BPM+ is available via Nokia for $129.95 United States dollars.

It also features a weight trend screen to track progress, access to BMI trends and data analysis, automatic Wi-Fi synchronisation and personalised coaching through Nokia Health Mate. The new Nokia Body scale is $59.95, while the original Withings Body has been renamed to “Body+”.

One of the most notable features I found about using Withings products is the inter-connectivity the devices have when tethered to the health app, or when paired with third-party products like the My Fitness Pal app.