Woman confuses baby rattlesnake for rope

Carla Rosso of Calabasas had just gotten out of her jacuzzi and spotted a long, thin object – what she thought was her dog’s toy tug rope.

In a hilarious video, Ariel Rosso’s wife, Carla, is seen walking from their outside hot tub at night.

Instead, it was a baby rattlesnake.

She went to pick up what she thought was her dog Duchess’ rope toy, but it turned out to be a baby rattlesnake!

The whole thing was captured on surveillance video. Her dog gets reacts strongly as well, and they both run away from the snake as quickly as they can.

“I can’t believe I picked up a snake”, Rosso said. He explained: ‘She wasn’t yelling that she saw a snake, she was yelling that she picked up a snake.

After screaming and running away, her and her husband called the fire department who eventually came to take care of it.

Carla told ABC7: ‘Oh my god I nearly died. Our dog at the vet. “This could’ve been my wife in the hospital”.

“Check it off my bucket list”.