Canada prime minister says steel exports not USA security threat

The interview, billed by the news organization as “Trade in the Balance: Canada-U.S. Relations”, begins at 12:45 p.m. ET and will carry it live.

“There’s no question that the way the President chooses to speak directly to people through social media is a new wrinkle in global diplomacy”, Mr. Trudeau said Thursday, speaking at a question-and-answer session with The New York Times in Toronto.

Porter, who is based in Toronto, is a former columnist and feature writer for the Toronto Star.

However, after playing that up for laughs a bit, he went on to say that things a world leader says shouldn’t be treated as a laughing matter. “There’s a lot of politicians who have a deep-vested interest in being right all the time, and therefore close themselves off sometimes to facts or evidence or differing opinions”.

For many Toronto queers, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marching down Yonge Street as part of Toronto Pride is a symbol of the tremendous progress we’ve made as a community in securing our rights and acceptance in Canada. What I’ve found from this president is: “he will listen to arguments made, he will look at the ensemble of facts and proposals … he will be open to shifting his position”.

Trudeau said, “If I get woken up at night for something, it better be something more important than a tweet, I think modern means of communications have led to adjustments in how we function”.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, seen here with Donald Trump at a February 13 meeting at the White House, diplomatically praised the US president in a Thursday interview, while also downplaying his importance to the U.S. “It’s an bad lot of work, getting to the consensus we did and it’s a good deal, it’s the right deal, it’s the path forward for the world and it’s a clear market signal amongst other things that people are adjusting and pricing in, and we are not going back on that”. It was an bad lot of work getting to the consensus we did.

Though the president is powerful, Trudeau said, American states, cities and businesses are continuing to adopt “progressive” policies on climate change and other issues even when Trump does not. A US administration investigation into whether foreign-made steel imports pose a risk is nearly complete, officials say.