$1M in pot found in cars shipped from Mexico

Portage County Sheriff David Doak said members of the task force were called to a Ford new vehicle dealership in Portage County when service department employees discovered a suspicious package in the trunk compartment of a new Ford Fusion during a delivery inspection.

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The dealership began discovering the bundles between July 7 and July 11 in half-moon shaped bundles mounted into the wheel wells for the spare tires in the trunks of the new Fusions.

Throughout the week, task force members and agents located and seized nine packages of marijuana from Ford Fusions in Portage, Stark and Columbiana counties, along with one from Pennsylvania. Approximately 32 pounds of marijuana was found in 15 Ford Fusions, officials said.

The investigation also revealed that a rail auto containing 15 new Ford Fusions had their spare tires removed, replacing them with compressed packages of marijuana resembling a tire.

Dealership employees probably got suspicious when they discovered that the cars had no spare tires, but instead rounded packages crammed with marijuana.

The sheriff says no arrests have been made but the investigation continues.

Balzano said this was not the first he’s heard of marijuana hidden in cars shipped from Mexico.

Dilworth police said the cars were transported in sealed BNSF Railway cars.

A Ford spokesman said Saturday that the company is aware of the situation and “taking it very seriously”. “We are working with the FBI and Customs on an extensive investigation”.

Ford Motor Company is saying that it didn’t happen at their production plant nor their internal shipping yards, but somewhere along the supply chain, someone had access to the Fusions, and placed the pot in the trunk.