Afghan forces recapture key district

The Taliban, fighting to re-establish strict Islamic rule in Afghanistan and drive out worldwide forces backing the government in Kabul, control large stretches of the province and have targeted Lashkar Gah.

An Afghan official says the country’s security forces have driven the Taliban out of a key district in southern Helmand province from where they had been threatening the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah. Over 100 improvised explosive devices were also disabled, Task Force Southwest, the U.S. Marine Corps-led training and assistance mission in Helmand said in a statement.

Moqbal said that Nawa has a significant impact on the security of Lashkar Gah, especially for the airfield. Its capture by Afghan forces should create a buffer around the beleaguered city.

The control of the district fell to Afghan forces after days of clashes and months after it was captured by the Taliban insurgents.

The security forces plan to continue the operation southward along the main road to the town of Garmsir, officials said.

The resurgent Taliban have made it a stated goal to seize a major population city.

On 29th March, Afghan forces conducted air raids in Helmand province in which as many as 45 Taliban insurgents were killed and 29 others were wounded. However, its role was relegated to “command and control, battle tracking, intelligence, maneuver, fires integration, and leadership evaluation and development”, Motz said in the release.

Nicholson has requested an increase in troop numbers in Afghanistan by several thousand to boost the effectiveness of these expeditionary advising packages. It also noted that more women and children were among the dead this year.

Afghan police Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Omar said the U.S. air support was an important part of the operation. “Something that they never had in the past fighting with the enemies”.

“It was a very successful operation in Helmand”, said Moqbal.