Amazon Looking To Improve Audio On Echo Device

AmazonA promotional image for the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, smart home speakers powered by intelligent digital assistant Alexa. Google Home was found to be bass-heavy, with no provisions to adjust audio EQ settings thereby, making it useful only for activities like listening to news radio and not apt for those who are looking towards listening to music. They now say that Alexa was used in combination with a home phone or cellular phone system. Long-pressing the U11’s home button still launches Google Assistant, and as of now you can’t actually remap that function to launching Alexa (though you can turn off Assistant there).

However, as compared to voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Apple Siri, Alexa’s performance is far from being ideal. You can configure it just like any other Echo using the Amazon Alexa app – by default it’ll simply be called your “HTC Alexa” even. Just like Google Home, Alexa-enabled devices are also created to work with smart home functionality.

Alexa doesn’t know it has a whole screen to use: Unlike the new Echo Show, Alexa on the U11 doesn’t take advantage of the fact that the U11 has a screen that can display information.

So, Alexa on phones is now not up to the mark and is nowhere close to Google Assistant and Apple Siri. “We think customers will love the convenience of having hands-free Alexa capabilities wherever they go”. You can ask it for guidance by just saying “Alexa, help”.

Even though the HTC U11 is the first to offer Amazon’s Alexa to its users, it definitely won’t be the last one.

Voice shopping works, but why?

What was once a voice-controlled personal assistant is becoming a way for family members and friends to stay in touch, making it a stickier experience with some of the qualities that people get from social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Amazon Alexa is now available on Android via the Google Play Store, as an app. After the Amazon Fire Phone failed spectacularly it looked like Amazon might not be able to compete.

Wednesday recommend that anyone who is interested in buying into the Amazon Echo ecosystem should definitely enable HTC Alexa to try out the home assistant as a way to try Alexa before buying an Echo.

The U11’s Alexa feature is available from the Google Play Store for devices in the U.S. starting today and will come to the United Kingdom and Germany later this summer.