Apple CEO Tim Cook Announces New Emojis

July 17th marks World Emoji Day and Apple made a decision to mark the occasion with the unveiling of new emojis to be introduced in the next iOS update in the fall. Do you like emoji?

To help celebrate World Emoji Day, Apple’s showing off some of the new emoji that will launch alongside iOS 11.

The new emoji are technically a set of emoji that are launching as part of Unicode 10.0, the standard set for emoticons.

The new slate of small pictures and icons you use in messaging will also include more animals such as a dinosaur and zebra and mythical creatures like zombies and elves. Now, Apple still hasn’t said when these new emoji will be available, but they’ll likely be part of the iOS 11 and the MacOS High Sierra updates due to release this autumn.

Otherwise, it’s a matter of Apple continuing its diversity push with the inclusion of an emoji of a mother breastfeeding, a woman wearing a headscarf and … a man with a beard. The Exploding Head smiley is an instant favorite. Tim Cook took to Twitter to announce the new addition on World Emoji Day.