Atari reveals first pictures of its new Ataribox console

Well, as spotted by The Verge, Atari has now revealed a smidgeon more information on its mysterious new console, alongside a couple of hints as to what it will actually do.

The NES Mini (soon to be followed by Nintendo’s SNES Mini) opened the floodgates for a retro-console revival – reworked versions of classic machines with all the mod-cons you’d require to play today.

Atari’s last official console-the ill-fated Atari Jaguar-was marketed as the first 64-bit console at a time when consoles had only just gone 32-bit.

It will have an HDMI socket, 4 usb slots and an SD Card slot. But while the Nintendo consoles are largely exact [design] replicas of their respective counterparts (after being hit with a shrink ray, of course), the Ataribox melds retro touches with a modern flavor.

It features materials such as wood, which make up the console’s ribbed lines at the top, as well as glass, which is used for the front panel (there is a wood option for that too).

Previously, Atari CEO Fred Chesnais told GamesBeat that the games company is “back in the hardware business”.

At this stage, it isn’t clear exactly what content the Ataribox will actually offer, though the company has said it will release classic games alongside a new selection of titles.

Classic Atari games that could be making a return on the Ataribox include Pac-Man, Pong, Space Invaders and Asteroids.

The post went on to suggest that “there are a lot of milestones, challenges and decision points in front of us in the months ahead”, perhaps indicating that the console won’t be ready for release in 2017.

“We know you are hungry for more details; on specs, games, pricing, timing”, said Atari in the statement, promising further updates in the coming months. The Mini NES succeeded, in part, due to its simplicity and cheap price, both of which would be hard in a more capable console.