Boy trapped inside hot BMW for 2 hours in Florida dies

Just after 3 p.m., police said a 1-year-old, who had been playing with other kids on Northwest Fifth Street in Delray Beach, was found inside a hot vehicle and may have been there for hours, reports WPTV.

Around 3:00 p.m. police say they found the boy inside a hot auto where he had been playing with other kids. First responders took the boy to Bethesda Hospital.

Cops, who responded to the scene in the Rainberry Woods neighborhood, say Khayden had been playing with other kids at around 3:20 p.m.

In an interview, Carly Saint Saveur, the boy’s uncle, said: “It’s tragic. I don’t know why this happened”.

“Was a very happy child”, a neighbor said. As the front doors of the BMW were unlocked the officers could open it and get the child out of it. Khayden was immediately rushed to Bethesda Memorial Hospital he was declared dead soon. ‘I’m scared for him’.

Investigators said they are still examining evidence and have yet to reach a definitive conclusion.

The temperature in Delray Beach on Saturday reached a daytime high of 90 degrees.

The Sun Sentinel reported the vehicle belonged to Khayden’s father, Action Saint Sauveur, and that it was parked in the driveway with a dead battery.

On Saturday evening, family and friends lined their cars on the street.

A vehicle sitting outside in the Florida heat in July can reach up to 150 degrees, according to police.

‘He was always a jumpy little boy, ‘ Anderson Exantus, 19, said.