Carmelo Anthony to ‘Prioritize’ Trade to Rockets Over Cavaliers

So, Phil Jackson’s years-long campaign of public grumbling about his best player-which achieved no conceivable organizational benefit, but seemed mostly to satisfy Jackson’s urge to separate the ongoing dysfunction of his basketball operation from his reputation as a brilliant basketball mind-had the unintended effect of driving down the player’s value, such that the very move the organization was hoping to make now has become unfavorable and unpalatable?

Anthony, who averaged 22.4 points and 5.9 rebounds last season, would have to cost the Rockets some significant salary reduction in trade exchange as Houston is already $15 million over the NBA salary cap for next season.

The Trailblazers reportedly want to get in on the Anthony action.


For the last several weeks, the main topic of conversation surrounding the Rockets (well aside from the Carmelo Anthony watch) has been how Chris Paul and James Harden will coexist on the court at the same time. However, there is one person who wants Melo back with the Knicks for the 2017-18 NBA season.

More so, talks could have subsided after Olshey let the Knicks front office know that Portland wants Anthony.

Unfortunately, neither team has the trade assets to convince the Knicks to give Anthony up. The drama leading up to the intricacies of a complicated maneuver to get Carmelo Anthony out of Gotham City has been dominating the headlines, mostly in the Houston Rockets’ favor.

James Harden is either really pumped after this or thoroughly dejected – you be the judge. “Everything is going to happen in Houston and that’s the reason I’m here forever”. The hangup has been the three years and $61 million left on Rockets forward Ryan Anderson’s contract.

For a trade to work out between the Rockets and the Knicks, a third (and possibly fourth) team may have to be involved.

“I’ve coached a lot of people and watched a lot of games and the stuff that he did day in and day out was incredible”, D’Antoni said.

The playoff has become a dream, and we are not even going to mention participation in some title battle.

Harden is excited about his new deal and humbled to have signed the richest contract in NBA history.

“Anybody can beat anybody, but the Warriors are still the favorites”, Thompson told TMZ. My gut tells me that Paul accepts this role, makes tremendous impacts as a secondary initiator, and counters the Spurs-like pick and roll coverages when asked to.

The Bucks don’t have a ton of money to offer, but they do need point guard.