Donald Trump approval rating lowest of any president since WWII

On Sunday morning he used Twitter to claim that “almost 40% is not bad at this time” and that the poll in question had been “just about the most inaccurate around election time!”.

That is the lowest percentage in the last 70 years for any president just six months into their term.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll also found half of Americans think the United States has weakened under Mr Trump’s leadership, and only a quarter say he’s made the world superpower stronger.

About 60% of those polled said it was inappropriate for Trump’s son to have met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign, and about the same number believe Russia attempted to steer the outcome of the election.

The president’s job approval rating looks quite different in the counties that propelled him to victory previous year, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Of those polled, Newsweek said, 66 percent said they did not trust Trump to effectively represent USA interests in negotiations with foreign leaders, with two-thirds also saying they did not trust him to do so with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Asked specifically about Trump-Putin negotiations, nearly two in three say they do not trust the President much, including 48 per cent who say they do not trust the President “at all”.

Meanwhile, 55 percent say Trump is not making significant progress toward his goals.

The broad sense of inappropriateness by Trump informs another result – just 30 percent see him as a positive role model for young people, vs. 68 percent who say not. Of those, 44 percent think Trump benefited from it and 41 percent believe that members of Trump’s campaign helped these Russian efforts.

In the “surge” counties, Trump beat Hillary Clinton by a combined 65 percent-to-29 percent margin, and in the “flip” counties Trump’s margin was 58 percent to 39 percent.

But there is some good news for Trump.

Some 60 percent of US citizens think Russian Federation sought to interfere, though Democrats are far more likely to believe that than members of Trump’s Republican Party.

On a health care bill supported by Republicans in a bid to overhaul the country’s existing system, half of those surveyed said they prefer the current one, and only 24 per cent favoured the Trump-proposed legislation. Meanwhile, fewer than 4 in 10 say the Democratic Party now stands for something, while a slight majority say it “just stands against Trump”. The approval rating poll held by Gallup revealed Trump’s approval rating at just 36% which already showed a 6% decline since the last approval rating poll at Trump’s 100 days in the office.