Facebook plans ads on all its platforms, including WhatsApp

The ads won’t be any different from what you always see in News Feed. The industry term for this is ratio of ads to other content is called “ad load”, and Facebook says News Feed’s ad load is all maxed out. The social media behemoth through the service, is trying to catch in on how quickly the number of people who visit its “buy and sell” Groups each month has increased to 450 million.

Facebook, the current owner of Facebook has mentioned before that they will keep the service FREE. However, we think that they will start using ads on this application sometime in the near future, which could be quite annoying for most of you. Like Google, the social network frequently experiments with new ideas, and groups of users are often used to beta test features.

So Facebook has now started selling mid-roll video ads and funding video projects that could host those ads.

Facebook announced that this change will fully launch before the end of 2017 first on a very restricted level with few ads but later a whole wide range of options will be enabled gradually. Now it will also have feature tailored advertisements similar to the ads on Facebook and Instagram. Or at least that’s the hope.

Before the move, Facebook performed initial tests in Australia and Thailand in January.

But even if none of these new ad formats stick, Facebook already has another cash cow hiding in the background: Instagram.

Facebook describes what is then displayed as “top posts for you from across Facebook“.

Facebook gets about 85 per cent of its ad revenue from mobile, but advertising through the main Facebook app is expected to cool off this year, meaning that multiple revenue streams from separate platforms are becoming more important.