Google Maps now features traffic prediction to a destination

Many people have reached their destinations with the help of this navigating App. Google Map keep on incorporating new features for the ease of its users just like it introduced Parking Availability feature few month back. It is highlighted in green, yellow or red to indicate the traffic conditions.

Previously Google Maps would direct, and estimate the time of travel based on route and traffic along said route. The infographic will show the duration of your trip depending on the time of the day. The aforementioned feature, which was first spotted by Android Police, however doesn’t provide precise data regarding the time that will be saved by starting your travel at a particular time.

It offers nifty graphs to explain real-time traffic conditions. If you take a closer look at the app, there’s also a dotted line just above the bars with a time indicated. While we would have loved to have additional information on the graph, but for now, whatever it shows is enough for helping out with the travel plans.

Google Maps, which made its humble debut in February 2005, has vastly improved with each passing year and continues to get more value-added features (it has toilet locator in India) offering more personal options for the user. It recently introduced a nifty feature that tells users about the speed limits for vehicles in specific areas, but it is only available in two locations for now – San Francisco Bay Area in the USA and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.