Hebron shooter Elor Azaria released to house arrest

On Monday morning, an IDF court ordered Elor Azaria be released to full house arrest at his family’s home in Ramle.

Azaria has been under military arrest since the terrorist attack in Hebron at the end of March 2016, when he fatally shot the neutralized and unarmed terrorist.

Azaria has spent the bulk of the past year and three months on a closed military base from the time of his arrest through the trial and during the appeal process, in a form of military house arrest.

Elor Azaria will be released from the IDF to house arrest. Next to him stands Charlie Azaria, Elor’s father.

Azaria was convicted in January and sentenced the next month after a trial that deeply divided Israeli society. Minutes later, while Sharif was lying on the ground, Azaria shot him in the head in a shooting that was captured on video by a local resident for the Israeli human rights NGO B’Tselem. The attacker was immediately shot by other soldiers in the area and by the time Azaria got there and shot him again, was already incapacitated, but was still moving.

Conversely, the prosecutors claimed Azaria’s 18-month sentence was insufficient in relation to the severity of his crime, citing similar cases in which soldiers received stiffer punishments. His lawyer argued that terrorists have often risen from injuries that appear to be mortal, only to shoot or stab again. It is now assumed that the prosecution will acquiesce to his being sent home for house arrest for the time being.

A military appellate court is expected to rule on both his conviction and on his sentence July 30.