LinkedIn’s new desktop app arrives on Windows 10

Owners of some Windows 10 laptops and tablets are crashing into a worrying roadblock when they try to install the Windows 10 Creators Update.

“The Windows 10 Action Centre will serve as your hub for LinkedIn updates about you, your content, and your connections”.

But while this designation does make sense for Americans, who refer to autumn as to “fall”, this doesn’t align with the naming used by other countries across the world, such as those in Europe.

Microsoft is now rolling out a new update to OneDrive on Windows 10 Mobile with some improvements and bug fixes. Microsoft itself hasn’t confirmed the compatibility issues in its support documents.

“Microsoft is working with our partners to provide compatible drivers for these processors”.

“The compatibility check that’s part of the Windows Setup program gave this system a clean bill of health, but after downloading more than 3GB of setup files for the Creators Update, the upgrade failed, with the error message shown above”, explains ZDNet reporter Ed Bott. However, if it isn’t resolved, incompatibility could cause a large number of 2-in-1 PCs initially sold throughout 2013 and 2014 to be stuck on the Anniversary Update.

Some PC users have discovered something alarming with their Windows 10 operating system. But now that appears to not be the case; spotted by Windows Central, the branding being used in the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries such as India, is now the Autumn Creators Update.

Suppose Microsoft follows its deadlines, any device running version 1607 of Windows 10 will officially be barred from receiving updates starting early 2018.

This debacle shines a light on an unclear clause in Windows 10’s support policy. That essentially means that some of those devices will have only lasted up to three years before losing support for Windows 10 updates.

The change was first reported by Windows Central and it can be seen on regional Microsoft pages.

Another moaned: “Really? could not check that first? and why doesnt say processor not supported? so amateur. and worse, the creator suggestion came from Windows update”.