Over 1 mn Iraqis displaced after battle of Mosul: IOM

A secret tunnel was discovered underneath the Quleiat neighbourhood in the Old City, an Iraqi counter-terrorism official told dpa on Saturday. Iraq’s USA -backed forces succeeded in wresting Mosul from the Islamic State group but at the cost of enormous destruction. The neighborhood has witnessed sporadic clashes since last week, despite the official announcement of the “complete liberation” of the city.

Iraqi police paraded through Baghdad for the second day running on Sunday after the government declared it had recaptured Mosul from Daesh.

“We have another mission ahead of us, to create stability, to build and clear ISIS cells, and that requires an intelligence and security effort, and the unity which enabled us to fight ISIS”, he said before raising an Iraqi flag.

Al Sumaria television channel said on July 11 citing a source in Iraq’s Nineveh province that Islamic State militants had reported the death of their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The group of women, who were arrested on July 13, included five citizens of Germany, three citizens of Russian Federation, three citizens of Turkey, two citizens of Canada, one Chechn and six from Libya and Syria, according to al-Araji.

Iraq declared a week-long holiday to mark the victory.

The operation to retake the city, which was kicked off about 9 months ago, left lots of casualties and damages and displaced over 920,000 Iraqis.

Daesh stronghold in Syria’s Raqqa is also close to falling.

For its part, the US-led coalition said in a statement that Iraqi forces were in “firm control” of Mosul, but some areas still needed to be cleared of explosive devices and possible ISIS terrorists in hiding.