Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Makes Yet Another Disgusting Rape Joke

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said certain actions are being overtaken to address the drug situation at the NBP.

In his latest repugnant remarks about sexual assault, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte reportedly quipped that he might congratulate rapists for “having the balls” to commit a crime that’s potentially punishable by execution.

President Duterte’s statement was not a joke, Abella stressed, saying that it was a serious statement. Plain and simple. It shouldn’t take numerous insensitive rape jokes from Duterte to understand that.

The President drew flak once again after making another joke about rape, which was directed to contestants of Miss Universe beauty pageant. “Is there a law which says that you can not blurt such statements as, ‘Do not bring our children to perdition because you’ll not only lose your funds, you’ll lose your life?” he asked.

During a campaign rally on April 12, 2016, he talked about Australian missionary Jacqueline Hamill who was kidnapped, raped and killed during a Davao City hostage taking incident in 1989. “I thought, the mayor should have been first”, he said, later telling critics that his words were not meant as a joke and refusing to apologize.

Duterte, in a speech in Davao City Friday night, said he will do everything to solve the illegal drug menace in the country and assured the public that drugs will be at its lowest by the end of his term. “You can mess with, maybe, Miss Universe, and maybe I would even congratulate the one who had the courage to rape someone knowing that he would die after”. In May, soon after ISIS-pledged militias overran the southern city of Marawi, the president urged soldiers to continue working, saying he would back them even if they each raped three women.

The masses’ understanding on President Duterte is the main factor why he received high ratings during surveys, Abella added.

“As far as the public is concerned, they are the ones who really approve of him”.