Plane evacuated after passenger’s fart makes travellers ill

A lot can happen in a flight, and the Internet has enough proof of that.

In January previous year, one flier felt compelled to pass the flight attendant a note suggesting they make a tannoy announcement enquiring into the health of a fellow traveller because of the noxious fumes being emitted from their person.

The American Airlines officials admitted that there was an odour issue and claimed that one of the passengers passed gas. Yes, you read that right. An airport official subsequently said it appeared a passenger had “passed gas“.

A spokesperson with Raleigh-Durham International Airport reports that mid-flight passengers on the plane began to feel ill and nauseous with headaches. “(A) medical call came in for someone affected by an odor after the plane deplaned normally”, an airline said in an email to the Charlotte Observer. It reported the plane had landed at Raleigh-Durham on July 16 at around 4 p.m., and cited a United States airport official as its source.

The airport did not identify where the plane was from or its destination or what type of aircraft was involved. “But it is not due to “passed gas” as mentioned,” said spokesman Ross Feinstein.